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Register NOW for Your Opportunity to Receive 14 Hours of Continuing Education Credit in Two Days at the

FRACCA 2012 Conference March 15-16, 2012

FRACCA 9th Annual Education Conference
March 15 - March 16, 3013   |   Kissimmee, FL



2013 Education Conference - Course List (click here to download)

  • Advanced Mechanical & Energy Code (ADV) - Get the latest updates on the Florida Building mechanical and energy code requirements and the differences from the previous codes that may affect your projects.
              (1 hour / PVD#0003199 / Course #0009078)
  • Best Practices: Keys for Profitability in a New Economy (BP) - Learn what successful contractors use to reduce risk, lower overall operating costs and increase profitability in the new normal economy.
              (1 hour / PVD#0003717 / Course #0609084)
  • Blower Door and Duct Blasters – Tools to Measure Performance - Florida Law and Code both require and allow HVAC contractors to test for envelope and duct tightness. Understanding these tools and measurements will help you diagnose performance problems and document local code compliance.
              (2 hours / PVD#0003199 / Course #T000001)
  • Copper Piping System Design for High Pressure Refrigerants - Contractors will gain an understanding of how copper piping is designed to meet the demands of modern HVACR applications and how to apply this knowledge in the field.
              (2 hours / PVD#0003199 / Course #T000002)
  • Enforcing the 2010 Florida Building Code, Energy Conservation
              (1 hour / CILB Spons./ Course #0609917)

    2010 Changes to the Florida Energy Code (1 hour / CILB Spons./ Course #0609915) These courses provided by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation at no cost to participants. They cover both changes to the Code and compliance. Not eligible for Advanced Code continuing education credit. Sponsored by: Florida DBPR.
  • Florida Construction Lien Law (BP) - This workshop provides a reminder of the basics and an update on changes to this very important law that assists you in
    collecting your money from customers.
              (1 hour / PVD#0005401 / Course #0609450)
  • Florida Quality Installation – What’s Expected of the Contractor - There is a national move to quantify quality installation. This workshop provides an overview of what has already been defined, the organizations that are promoting the concept and the agencies that already require the process.
              (2 hours / PVD#0003199 / Course #T000003)
  • Health Care Reform - Latest Developments in the Affordable Care Act (BP) - Confused how the new Health Care Act will impact your business? Hear what the Federal and State government now require of you and what to expect in 2014 and beyond.
              (1 hour / PVD#0003199 / Course #T000004)
  • Infrared Technology Lab - Building and duck leakage diagnosis has gone high tech. Touch, feel and use IR equipment in simulated situations and learn the basics of interpreting the readings.
              (1 hour / PVD#0003199 / Course #T000005)
  • Keeping Your Business Alive in a Slow Economy (BP) - The New Economy demands “new” thinking about how you do business in order to increase profits. Best practices of a company that is taking the right steps to stay in step with the market changes will be revealed to you. By the end of the keynote presentation you will be prepared to formulate a strategy that fits your business today and create flexibility for future economic changes.
              (1 hour / PVD#0003199 / Course #0010185)
  • Reducing Workers Compensation Fraud (WC) - Find out what is considered fraud by an employee or business under Florida law and how to fight and report it.
              (1 hour / PVD#0003199 / Course #0008457)
  • Residential Chiller Technology - Long used in the commercial market, chiller technology is moving into the residential arena. Your questions on available products, equipment efficiencies, installed costs, and how “water works” will all be answered in this workshop.
              (2 hours / PVD#0003199 / Course #T000006)
  • Residential Fall Protection Essentials (SAF) - Don’t get caught without proper equipment and policies for fall protection on your residential projects. Workshop updates you on OSHA’s newest requirements that impact the HVAC contactor.
              (1 hour / PVD#0003199 / Course #T000007)
  • Rules and Laws - Explore the construction laws and rules of the State of Florida with specific reference to Statute 489 - Part 1. Learn where to access these rules and find helpful information to keep up-to-date and in compliance.
              (1 hour / PVD#0003199 / Course #0009078)
  • Variable Refrigerant Technology - With the increase in the use of variable refrigerant equipment, this workshop addresses need to know concepts: best installation practices, types and applications for the equipment, and troubleshooting techniques.
              (2 hours / PVD#0003199 / Course #T000008)
  • What’s in the Cloud for HVAC Contractors (BP) - De-mystify the term “cloud computing” and get the latest applications for your office, field and sales staff. This could be the key to unlocking higher productivity for your company.
              (1.5 hours / PVD#0003199 / Course #T000009)

Course list is as of 1/23/13


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